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    • Colorful shell paint use various kinds of marine organisms shell as the main raw material, is a research and development, produce, sales high and low levels of putty as the operating strategy of modern enterprises. Strong technical development team, advanced product quality testing equipment, advanced professional technical and sales service personnel, ensure the enterprise product support capabilities of excellence and after-sales service more complete, especially the newly generation of green wall materials, is the" colorful shell" series of products which gain great trust and praise by decoration human.

        Our center keep to the pay out will be gain,and respect the customers as the business philosophy, we insist on the interests of consumers is supreme,on the base of environmental protection,we have introduction and integration new high technology product,development of more high-quality and green pro-environment interior and exterior wall high elastic putty,interior and exterior wall soft putty (special for hot insulation),anti-crack mortar, adhesive mortar, ceramic tile adhesives and special putty for ceramic tile, also we produce the interior wall leveling mortar, flat mortar, waterproof putty, ordinary inner wall putty , plaster gypsum,caulking gypsum,colorful putty , alkali-resistant putty, solid wall fixer and solid glue, new dry powder and porcelain powder, chinese honeylocust fruit washing powder series of new environmental and health products ( all the above do not contain formaldehyde and benzene, just add water. ). We had won the environmental protection and quality certificate. And was named the national recognized brands, create a more healthy green living space for all the users.

        We will go on working hard give the best product to all the customers,its our honour to make all customer satisfy with our product and service.qicai shell will supply you more natural environment life.

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