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    Colorful shells sprayer with you to happiness Road.

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    Colorful shells sprayer with you to happiness Road.
    Weifa Yong, Shandong Province Jinxiang people. Since the early years of a poor family, a young man had only junior high school education, eventually because of heavy family burdens, inherited his father started farming, but only 3.2 acres of arable land, the location bias, low yield, the family six people living very difficult, is the village well-known poor households.
    Comrade Wei Fayong have hard, hard-working style, but for a long time he did not know how to start. Often followed by odd jobs, Dry construction, kiln burnt, lived in brick, sand pushed through the site, the city repair the crossing, he had been a coolie, coolies out too, walked south past the north end of the day throughout the year, and no money left over, home or poverty, over forty, nothing. During site work, a chance to see the colorful shells on the "mortar & Insulation" magazine color pages, detailing the colorful shells intelligent aerosol sprayer, he looked over and over again, she felt the opportunity came , spring, those days, he could not eat, sleep, through various channels to understand the colorful shells sprayer, he will not the Internet, using a mobile phone to find workers check online colorful shell companies, the company's web site spring has come to understand that mechanical construction, is the trend, is an irresistible trend, and saw "day earn ten thousand yuan is not a dream, workers also can become rich," the article on the Union colorful shell construction platform, his heart like drought seedlings children to drink down the water! his heart excitement, it seems that every Yigenhanmao have a joyous beat him, like rough seas, as we can not use language to express shallow. He took the company's phone number and address, can not wait to call Tel: 400-0700-852, sales staff to understand the details of the spraying equipment, sales and service staff to give patient, meticulous and thoughtful explanation, and invited him to after spraying company site experience, he is also not stay a moment, marked backpack did not go home, directly to the company inspection, spraying experience and learning. To pay a deposit on the day set foot on the train home, after arriving home to convince his wife, looking for friends and relatives to borrow money to purchase, began his machine spray way of life.
    Comrade Wei Yong and his wife Wang Hongying law in pairs, consisting of a small construction team, spraying up to 2,000 square feet per day, he knew in order to spray the interior and exterior of the stage to do a good, long dry, it is necessary to strictly control the quality, skilled master the spraying equipment, spraying the strict requirements and fulfill contractual commitments, execution control, never delay. For every project quality, quantity, according to the time limits required to complete a good, many times by the project owner and the majority of customers, because he is good at learning and sum up the work, as long as he was involved in the construction project, the basic no problem, popularity is also particularly good, long time, a minor celebrity in the circle, inviting him construction engineering business one after another. He saw the opportunity after he purchased an aerosol sprayer, divided into two groups. People who took a group with a group of his wife Ying Wang, Wang Hongying understand, will heartfelt thumbs up, admire her from the bottom of my heart. Because she has both female meticulous, like gay men as strong and capable. She has a strong sense of professionalism and high sense of responsibility, always so dedicated, regrets the delicate and meticulous work done, better and better.
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