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    Ready mixed mortar mechanical spraying into the homes of ordinary people

    Time:2015-04-25 15:34:53  Source:  Author:

    Report from our correspondent for the comprehensive promotion of ready mixed mortar and mortar "Forbidden City" good work, colorful shell Limited Hong Kong Company in the promotion and application of ready mixed mortar increase construction at the same time, advocate "green, environmental protection mortar", actively cultivate the market Jiezhuang application of ready mixed mortar.

    Recently, due to an area of about 300 square meters of head of household, colorful shell bulk do in the home improvement people actively try ready mixed mortar spraying machine. Ready mixed mortar mechanical spraying, then into the colorful shells Jiezhuang market gate.

    "The house is our family life, the quality of the decoration is our most concern, cracking and hollowing of the wall has been plagued by a problem we engaged in the decoration, the landlord says mr.. Mr. Dai watch the ready mixed mortar spraying machine construction in understanding and feeling of mortar, mechanized spraying has firm adhesion, high density, no hollowing, cracks, insisted in the decoration of their houses with mortar, and spraying machine, therefore, the colorful shells bulk do through active coordination and help them the mortar spraying machine decoration villa desire.

    With the construction of the "forbidden" in full swing, Huzhou city is actively guide the construction, the construction units take mechanical construction and dry mixed mortar combined application of the road, through the perfect combination of the two, to reduce the overall cost of ready mixed mortar, efforts to solve the application of price restricted the bottleneck problem, make ready mortar into the construction units voluntarily; let more people into the family of ready mixed mortar.

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