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      True stone anti-crack putty
    Product Name:True stone anti-crack putty [True stone anti-crack putty]

    Product No:85425-162
    Was Price:1800Dollar/Tons Now Price:0Dollar/Tons
    Last update:2014.03.31
    Manufacturer:Colorful Shell Hong Kong Co.,Ltd

    Lacquer cracking putty

         This product is the use of special cementitious materials and natural inorganic silicate minerals, adding European environmental polymer poly

    Modified compounds and additives, made ??by mixing products. Water can be used after mixing. Apply

    Pre-construction wall leveling lacquer, fluorocarbon, relief bombs coating.

    Product Features

    1, ease of construction, and grinding, good filling, to provide a good base for the finish layer.

    2, high bond strength, veneer layer on the substrate and has a strong affinity.

    3, has excellent water resistance and alkali resistance.

    4, good aging resistance and impermeability.

    [Construction Technology]

    1, this series of products for one-component product, with the amount of water about (water: gray = 1: 3) into a cream paste.

    2, according to water-cement ratio, the first water into the mixing bucket, plus powder, then stir with electric mixer into a uniform particle-free paste, stir a little stand ten minutes before, the better.

    3, first with Dianbu method for cracks and flatness of the base surface where large difference repair, make sure the base surface is smooth, without hollowing, no oil, each over the construction of the thickness control within 0.5-2mm.

    4, as soon as possible after completion of construction putty grinding, sanding the marks polished when you can, and remove floating dust should be avoided after the putty hard work (under standard conditions 24 hours) rain. High temperature construction, polished need water conservation, should be 24 hours after entering the next process.

    [Theoretical amount] Degree (typically the amount of 1.5kg-2.0kg)


    1, the construction temperature 5-40 ℃, relative humidity ≤75%.

    2, the construction must be at least anti-rain within 12 hours, hot sunlight and frost.

    3, mixing a good slurry should be within two hours run out, should not have been dry mortar re-use.

    4, the base surface and construction under different environments, large differences in product performance, please try to purchase large quantities.

    [Product Storage]

    Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Unopened shelf life of six months.

    [Executive standard] JG / T157-2009

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