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    Product Name:Colorful shell putty [Colorful shell putty]

    Product No:85545-134
    Was Price:2500Dollar/Tons Now Price:0Dollar/Tons
    Last update:2014.03.31
    Manufacturer:Colorful Shell Hong Kong Co.,Ltd

    Product details

    Color Putty

    Colored putty powder is formulated by Technology Academy of Beijing, authorized the production of a new type of interior and exterior wall surface decoration putty powder, product selection of quality calcium carbonate, calcium silicate, calcium oxide, lead paint and other inorganic powder, add the polymer gel flour mixture. products uniform color, easy scratching, cracking resistance, scrub, polish, smooth feel after compaction, compared with paint, low cost a lot.


    1, strong adhesion, high bond strength, a certain toughness, good ventilation, chalking phenomenon does not occur when wet, with a strong water;

    2, does not appear in a long time cracking, peeling, shedding phenomenon;

    3, wall delicate touch, look and feel soft, good texture;

    4, after the pollution can scrub the walls, painting the walls again, no need to eradicate the wall;

    5, the materials used are environmentally friendly, no benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and other toxic substances, is focused on the promotion of the new Construction Committee environmentally friendly building materials;

    6 can be completely without paint.

    [Features and Benefits]

    1 has good adhesion and moisture resistance, excellent resistance to aging;

    2 delicate texture, good construction, so that the paint decorative effect more perfect;

    3 minimal volatile organic compounds, free of harmful heavy metals, environmentally friendly;

    4 inorganic mineral-based material, prevents mold and algae;

    5 polymer modified, high water retention, not easy to polish off powder.

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