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    Mechanized construction will be a historic opportunity

    Time:2015-04-25 15:07:18  Source:  Author:

    In 2014, the market reached a turning point, mortar enterprises be raging like a storm, such as rain forest mushroom have been coming out of the ground. But the degree of market acceptance, production waste, underemployment. Facing the fierce competition, the enterprise will decide on what path to follow? Many people hope that the combination of mechanical construction to obtain new competitive power. Most of the great hopes, but after one or two months, they started playing with toys, melancholy, this is one of the important reasons is the lack of personnel training. Three machine came into being, in order to meet the needs of talent market supply, founded the first Chinese machinery plastering professional training institutions, not only for himself but also for the mechanical construction of the qualified talents. Mechanical construction personnel is different from the plasterer in the past, is a new technical personnel understand the mortar, mechanical operation, personnel organization, is to subdivide the work to meet the needs of the market and the birth of the. The future is bound to create professional plastering construction team, large and small, can change the way people in the past to the plasterer impression, is a historic change make plasterer farewell tired and dirty.

    The mortar factory, must be found to allow the market to accept the reasons, rather than passively waiting for the support of the government. Government support is certainly good, but no government support and passive waiting, is waiting for Gordon - not a credible hope. At the same time, we see that even with the support of the government, once the competitors gathered, to keep the prices down is inevitable, the quality is getting worse and worse. Mortar mechanical construction is not only the construction of auxiliary means, but also a test of the quality of the watershed. For construction machinery, cement mortar must possess certain qualities, not necessarily for the mechanical hand mortar spraying machine, but the mortar can be completely manual. I found a lot of manual mortar workability is not good at the site, it is difficult even to mention pulp, and the later is prone to cracking, if mechanical spraying can rule out of the situation. The mortar is not good and even lead to the workers' demands for higher wages, resulting in the difficulty of construction. Because the traditional manual mortar mixing preparation, you can temporarily ratio adjustment, as appropriate to improve workability, and ready mixed mortar mixing in the factory, can just change the water cement ratio, the ready mixed mortar workability is often worse, workers boycott, the promotion of ready mixed mortar is very bad this problem does exist, in fact.

    The current state of building lifelong responsibility responsibility system has brought both opportunities and challenges, if the factory building construction team, to work together to build a more competitive. Mortar plastering factory and service team cooperation can take a variety of forms, such as the joint undertaking plastering machine business, was leased to the plastering, recommend training, strategic alliance cooperation contract.

    Go on the road construction machinery is not very simple, if the lack of preparation, will greatly against the construction of confidence, thus unable to get up after a fall. Chinese market is a rapidly developing market, once the outbreak will be a geometric growth, immeasurable. We should prepare for this change, to adapt to and take the initiative to seize this historic opportunity.

    More and more attention by China mortar mechanical construction, guide's role is to take you out of mountains multiply and streams double back, resulting in benefits as soon as possible. In fact, even if it is already engaged in a mortar spraying, may not understand the use of technology and machines, especially the design of automata. Through training, people can understand the world and the development of mechanical spray technology, learn to choose spraying pump with lower cost, to the refinement of the operation, the pursuit of the most reasonable investment returns. Understand machine spray professionals will be the social and the wealth of the enterprise, the establishment of a professional team of brook no delay spraying machine.

    The colorful shells, the mechanization of road is likely to be a gradual process, it is best to have the help. Only through the guidance, and in accordance with the instructions to do, can do to improve its efficiency, and gradually to a certain level. If it does not need someone with experience as a guide will deviate from the direction, for any losses, unable to play a benefit.

    As an important class of additive products, widely used in ready mixed mortar to ensure the workability, liquidity, water retention and satisfy the physical and chemical properties of the other. In order to reduce the cost of ready mixed mortar, many manufacturers in the additive one-sided pursuit of price, has reached an intolerable degree, is not conducive to the development of the industry. The implementation of construction machinery, improve the mortar additive can improve the quality, on request, to promote technology progress. Mechanical spray coating additives will be the future direction, how to adjust the formula, theory of need, need more practice. Chinese region is vast, complex material category, to suit one's measures to local conditions, use of the wonderful, heart, is a highly personalized service, which also created the space for the development of the market. Rather than money, than the price is cheap, ignore the phenomenon of quality will be improved, shaping a new competitive, many domestic enterprises have begun to pay attention to combination of spraying machine, professional to adjust the formula and additives.

    Human resources, plastering may seem simple, but needs some basic knowledge to ensure the quality of the project, to avoid the risk of cracking and hollowing. There are different from the manual plastering construction process, injection with new technology, change the practice before, this is a process of re shaping the habit, the vast majority of machine manufacturers do not understand the rendering process, resulting in the machinery and the actual gap, even the design parameters of the existence of errors and mistakes in the factory, lead process is not smooth.

    No matter the man-machine material can create competitive in mechanized construction under the growth and differentiation of products and services, create, profitability, it is also an opportunity for our industry history, will make us more competitive. Mechanization is an irreversible trend, along with the gradual change of labor structure, we have to mechanization as the means, and the injection current and is suitable for the economy of the means to solve this problem, after inspection of all countries in the world, but the combination of the man-machine material Chinese should have different details and coordination means, in order to meet the Chinese condition, drying efficiency. The colorful shells with their years of practice, has accumulated rich experience, mature in China method system. In the colorful shells, seize the historical opportunity to promote the man-machine material integration, collaboration, to solve the practical problems China mortar industry, promote the healthy development of mortar industry. Opportunities are for people to seize the opportunity.

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