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    Analysis of spray machine

    Time:2015-04-25 15:14:15  Source:  Author:

    Abstract: in this paper, according to the comparison of spraying mechanical construction and artificial construction of colorful shells Limited Hong Kong Company, and the advantage of the economic cost of spraying machinery has carried on the simple analysis, for people to better understand the colorful shell spraying machine and spraying machine provides factual basis.

    2014 was a turning point in the development of the building materials market, enterprises have emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. But with the advent of a series of problem of market acceptance is low, serious waste, labor costs increase, the mechanical construction become the focus of attention, many enterprises are eager mechanized construction can bring new changes.

    Analysis of the historical background and current situation of domestic and foreign construction machinery.

    1958 German Karl Schlecht invented the first mortar spraying machine. Then, the mechanical construction of the rapid development of the developed countries in Europe and america. At present, nearly 100% of the construction site to implement the construction mechanization.

    In China, many people still think the mechanical construction is a new term, it represents the immature and unstable. But according to the colorful shells, our country began to study the mechanical construction of seventy years since the last century, but until 2007 the state of "forbidden" documents, people began to concern and construction machinery.

    The colorful shells with dry mixed mortar to promote the development of foreign mortar spraying machine, the introduction of construction equipment and other factors, the dry mixed mortar mechanical construction will be quickly applied to the architectural engineering construction experience, and get more. So that people can better understand the mechanical construction, it is more widely used in construction, so as to realize the people on the construction quality, the pursuit of high efficiency.

    Compared to two, the mechanical construction and artificial construction

    In 2014 July, the colorful shells in Juye construction site on the simulation of mechanical construction and artificial construction in three aspects of quality, efficiency and cost of construction are compared.

    (a) the construction quality

    Mechanized construction of uniform spraying, uniform thickness, good construction quality; artificial construction in the painting process, due to the uneven force, easily lead to uneven level.

    Mechanized spraying pressure, strong adhesion, adhesive strength, not Konggu, cracks and shedding phenomenon; artificial construction because the pressure is not big enough, it will appear the situation.

    (two) the construction efficiency

    Mechanized spraying speed, high efficiency. The colorful shells on the construction site was concluded: dry ready mixed mortar by mechanized construction, fast speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity, a spraying machine per hour can be sprayed more than 200 square meters, a group of 4 people, 10 hours a day, every day you can spray 1500 - 1800 square meters. The equivalent of 20 skilled workers a day workload. According to the past one month to complete the project, now use the spraying machine can finish the work in a week.

    (three) the economic cost

    Some people think that the cost is too high, the ready mixed mortar, in fact. According to the statistics of colorful shells: the introduction of mechanized construction, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, further improve productivity, reduce labor costs by 8 yuan per square metre of traditional to 1 yuan per square. The construction cost per one hundred square meters, on-site mixing mortar plastering the cost is 800 yuan, mechanical fee is 50 yuan, the labor cost is 1100 yuan, the total cost is 1950 yuan. Dry mixed mortar mortar mechanical construction, cost is 960 yuan, machinery costs 100 yuan, labor costs 400 yuan, the total cost of 1460 yuan.

    Three, conclusion

    From the above, ready mixed mortar mechanical construction, can be done without increasing the overall cost situation, improve the construction efficiency, improve the construction process and the quality of the project, spraying the advantages of mechanical construction is absolute, mechanical construction will be an irreversible trend. Opportunities are always for those who are prepared, colorful shell that is now the most should do, to the best state to meet the machine age to come true.

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