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    The status quo and development direction of painting technology for engineering machinery in our cou

    Time:2015-04-25 15:32:46  Source:  Author:

    Coating engineering machinery products as the first step of product competition very seriously; in order to adapt to the market by the baking process.

    (1) adhesion. Film adhesion is an important index to measure the mechanical strength of adhesion is good or bad, the key before the treatment, and the most reliable pretreatment process is shot blasting. Therefore, the structure of construction machinery products is generally by the shot blasting method.

    (2) weathering. Engineering machinery general works in outdoor environment, needs to use the good coating material weathering.

    (3). Fine degree of gloss is good or bad depends on the atomization atomization spraying equipment, more sophisticated, gloss better, as far as possible without gas spraying atomizing better.

    2 coating process

    The characteristics of engineering machinery products is mixed varieties, specifications, large volume and weight, different product characteristics and the use of different environments, production program of different coating process with different characteristics. Due to the construction machinery in the ninety years before the production program is small; the form of mass production, the typical process flow:

    Structure: shot (or shot), cleaning, drying, spray paint, putty, drying, assembly.

    Machine: cleaning, drying, water trace putty, drying, polishing cleaning, surface coating, surface coating and drying 1 2 - baking products. (moisture drying and drying to stem from the way most. )

    Engineering machinery coating development up to now, the typical process flow has a relatively large changes, the typical process flow:

    Structural parts:

    (1) the commonly used technology: shot blasting, cleaning, spray paint, putty, drying, polishing cleaning, coating, drying, surface coating, drying, assembly.

    (2) the latest technology: shot blasting, cleaning, (degreasing, phosphating, water wash spray), water drying, coating, surface coating, the volatilization of leveling, leveling, drying, assembly.

    Machine: cleaning, drying, filling water trace putty finishing and bottom spraying, drying and finished product

    3 coating materials

    Engineering machinery widely used in top coat paint can be dried at low temperature, the main varieties of acrylic modified alkyd enamel, enamel, engineering machinery polyurethane enamel, respectively, to meet the different requirements of customers.

    The coating with low temperature drying process, is to improve the adhesion and hardness. Finish and primer, putty and coating system must be matched, topcoat material is the main factor exist differences between domestic and foreign products to domestic products the quality of coating, paint manufacturers to develop high quality and low price, to meet the needs of the domestic market.

    4 the process layout

    Engineering machinery parts and the whole machine coating production line is mainly composed of structural parts of the shot blast cleaning chamber, cleaning chamber, drying room, the grinding chamber, spray paint room, paint drying room, fine decoration room and conveying device.

    Process and equipment layout and characteristics of the product and the coating process is closely related to the product is wheeled or crawler, scraping putty is used in the coating process, factors such as the impact of the layout of the entire process.

    Transmission process and production line layout is closely related to the coating structure is widely used in domestic has the accumulation function to hoist transportation; the coating production line mainly in three ways: double plate chain conveyor, conveyor and self mode transition of car. Two types of equipment according to the line layout, the process is completed in the room alone.

    5 coating equipment

    5.1 structure of the shot blast cleaning chamber.

    Structure of surface pretreatment with automatic shot blasting process, shot blasting abrasive is steel surface treated with a certain speed to the abrasive on the steel surface and the impact of grinding, surface treatment method of steel surface oxide skin, rust and other dirt removal of a high efficiency. Through polishing (spray) composed by pill cleaning room cleaning room, shot blasting machine, shot peening cylinder, spray gun, shot the circulatory system, ventilation and dust removal system, the structure, electrical control system etc..

    (1) to clean up the room is generally the best location to install shot blasting machine (according to the number of shot blasting, shot blasting quantity) inclined to ensure that each part of the workpiece can be cleaned, to consider the longest, at the same time, but also to take into account the widest and highest parts. The workpiece in the area of throwing blasting must be uniform motion, at the same time, the door must be closed chamber to ensure the pellet not fly out of the room, shot blasting area chamber lining plate with high manganese steel plate, versatility, good interchangeability, long wear life.

    (2) shot blasting chamber outlet arranged at the end of a cylinder with two gun, shot peening, the inner protective wear rubber board, both to ensure the use reliability of the equipment and reduce the cost of the equipment. The chamber body is provided with the inlet and the outlet of the electric door, can automatically or manually control.

    5.2 water spray paint room

    Composition of spray chamber of the chamber body, delivery, exhaust system, lighting system, paint mist processing system, control system, the concentration of the combustible gas alarm device.

    (1) the upper chamber body is provided with a static pressure chamber, spray paint room into one framework design. Static indoor layout, non-woven fabric, to send home the body clean air laminar flow along the top of the chamber body according to the downward pressure, effectively control the diffusion of paint mist.

    (2) air supply system to set the initial, medium efficiency filter section, the heating section (heat into steam, winter indoor hot air is greater than or equal to 15 DEG C). Each section of wind speed, avoid lacquer fog escape.

    (3) the paint mist purification efficiency can reach above 99%; the exhaust system is provided with a steam water separation device, after processing into the atmosphere.

    (4) the treatment of organic waste gas to discharge the national air pollution standards. Device at any time to monitor the indoor concentration of combustible gas exhaust gas monitoring alarm, when the solvent concentration reaches the lower explosion limit of 25%, immediately to the police.

    At the end of 5.3 (surface) paint drying room

    The drying chamber by forced convection circulation, drying room energy include steam, electricity, liquefied petroleum gas, light diesel oil, the device is mainly composed of a room body, hot air circulation system, exhaust gas purification equipment. Hot air circulation system are the four element of heating furnace (insert type fan, oil heating system, high temperature filter, exhaust gas treatment integrated structure). Fast heating speed, uniform temperature difference between indoor temperature, the temperature of <+5O DEG C.

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