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    The robot will be the inevitable result of the development of coating industry

    Time:2015-04-25 15:33:43  Source:  Author:

    With the development of the modern painting technology and perfect, with the reform of spraying machine technology is also constantly, and the automation of industrial production requirements gradually increase, production safety, environmental protection, continue to carry out production principle, spray robot has become inevitable, and this kind of high-tech equipment can be very good to meet a variety of these requirements of workpiece.

    The robot is also called spray painting robot (spraypaintingrobot), is an industrial robot automatic spray paint or other coating spraying. Spray painting robot is mainly composed of a robot, computer and the corresponding control system, hydraulic drive, the spray painting robot include hydraulic oil source, such as oil pump, oil tank and motor etc.. The use of 5 or 6 degrees of freedom articulated arm structure, a large workspace, trajectory and the wrist can be complex, generally 2 ~ 3 degrees of freedom, flexible movement. Advanced spray painting robot with flexible wrist wrist, can bend in all directions, and can rotate, the action is similar to the wrist, can easily into the workpiece through the small hole, and the inner surface coating. Spray painting robot is driven by hydraulic pressure, has the characteristics of quick action, good explosion-proof performance, can be through hands-on teach or point is shown to the realization of teaching. Spray painting robot is widely used in automobile, electrical appliance, instrument, enamel process production department.

    The main advantages of spraying robot:

    1, flexible. Scope of work greatly.

    (1) the scope of work, the possibility of audit.

    (2) can realize the inner surface and the outer surface of the coating.

    (3) can be mixed line production to achieve a variety of models, such as cars, vans, pickup trucks and other body mixed line production.

    2, improve the quality of spraying and material usage.

    (1) the profiling spray trajectory accurately, improve the uniformity of film coating appearance quality.

    (2) decrease spraying and cleaning solvent consumption, improve the utilization rate of materials.

    3, easy to operate and maintain. Off-line programming, shorten the debugging time greatly.

    (1) can be off-line programming, greatly shorten the debugging time.

    (2) the structure and module design of the plug-in, can realize fast installation and replacement of components, greatly shorten the repair time.

    (3) the maintenance of all components of the accessibility is good, easy maintenance.

    4, high utilization rate of equipment. The use of spray robot rate up to 90-95.

    Selection of spraying robot:

    (1) the trajectory of robot. In the choice of the robot to ensure surface or inner trajectory of robot must be able to completely cover the required construction..

    (2) repeat accuracy of the robot. For the robot, the general accuracy can reach 0.5mm. For the spray painting robot, repeat accuracy requirements can be lower.

    (3) the velocity and acceleration of the robot. The maximum velocity of the robot or the maximum acceleration is larger, it means that the robot is required in air travel time is short, the construction time is absolute robot in certain cycle is long, can improve the utilization rate of the robot. So the robot's maximum velocity and acceleration is an important technical index. But the problems should be paid attention to is, during spraying (coating or spraying, spraying tool) factors velocity and spray characteristics and material is directly related to the set, according to the process requirement. In addition, the technical index of the robot and its price is directly related to the high ratio of performance to price, according to the process requirements of the robot.

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