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    The integration of global resources, to master the core technology, with independent intellectual pr

    Time:2015-04-25 15:27:53  Source:  Author:

    Mortar spraying spray gun is main device. Early gun is very simple, is through a simple operation, can be sprayed on the surface of mortar can be construction, so construction wall surface. With the development of construction machinery, the spraying effect, spray gun spraying efficiency and coating quality are put forward higher requirements, the technical content of the spray gun is more and more high. And now, with the emphasis on environmental protection and energy saving, the development of the mortar spraying device has a new trend.

    (1), green and environmental protection trend decoration mortar spraying coating

    The modern construction and decoration of buildings put forward higher requirements on the mortar spraying, it is necessary to product innovation, improve transmission efficiency of mortar, so as to reduce the paint mist spray into the air volume, air cleaner, the protection of the environment; on the other hand, can reduce mortar consumption, saving the cost of repair enterprises. In order to improve the transfer efficiency of mortar spraying equipment, the technical trend has 2 aspects: one is the use of environmentally friendly materials, low pressure atomization technology of high flow (HVLP), two is a high pressure atomization technology in the use of materials (RP).

    (2) the performance demand and development trend of spray gun

    In order to meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection mortar, mortar spray gun in the modern performance and structure design to meet the following requirements.

    Spray gun spray painting of large and stable.

    The atomized spray mortar evenly distributed on the web.

    The mortar spraying particles of uniform size.

    The thin mortar layer.

    The spraying process of sprayed area as small as possible.

    The latest interview with mortar, developed the most suitable nozzle.

    We can guarantee the smooth film after spraying uniformity.

    It should be based on the ergonomics design of gun body, easy to operate, durable.

    The gun has the advantages of simple and quick to adjust and set.

    In order to ensure the effect of spray gun, spray gun manufacturers more and more in the gun is equipped with digital pressure regulating device, more conducive to the operation of spraying.

    (3) the development trend of mortar spraying equipment

    In order to ensure the quality and the mortar spraying requirement of energy saving and environmental protection, modern mortar spraying equipment in addition to the performance of spray gun put forward more requirements, mortar spraying process and some other related equipment has been greatly improved.

    In a more environmentally friendly coating system, using three filters, the compressed air purification.

    Using the activated carbon filter in protective masks spraying personnel, construction personnel to avoid spraying by sand and gravel dust pollution.

    Provide comprehensive type gas mask to protect the head and the respiratory system for spraying construction personnel.

    The use of more environmentally friendly and more convenient to use the gun maker system.

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