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    Master the spraying machine maintenance details progress spraying efficiency

    Time:2015-04-25 15:28:31  Source:  Author:

    Now the use of spraying machine increasing, the use of time can bring us a better and more efficient, more perfect effect, we must more carefully in the maintenance, so that it can extend the power of his life in use, maintenance time, there are many needs to pay attention, the first is in the oil in the oil pump, the general we want the oil inside the oil Shi Bushi enough have a look in the use of before, there are a lot of spraying machine used in the next period of time, the gas will leak phenomenon, mainly spraying machine oil no, this time we can open the shell quietly, to participate in some oil in the pump, in use in the future, the surface of the machine to our excellent cleaning.

    Clean the surface: we know that some material spraying machine spray is some corrosion on the machine itself, so in the use of time, we need to ensure that these coatings are not long time existence in the time machine, maintenance of the nozzle, we should pay attention to more general, we will use the machine before useful, to clean all the nozzle with water, otherwise there will be a meeting in the use of blocking situation, when some high viscosity coating number, we clean the nozzle had two times the normal control.

    Working power: there are many brothers in the use of the machines in the future, will not do the cleaning to the surface so simple, shorten the spraying machine used in life, the use of time, we need to check some of the protection device contact machine on the Shi Bushi installed. Spraying machine is a high-tech product, in the use of the process there are many need attention, working power of this product is very high, generally in the time of some large working space, can be done per hour spraying area reached one thousand square, equipment is generally not the power.

    Energy saving: the use of time, through the mechanical work can be useful for some room corner or interior furniture for injection, in the use of the process we have time to check internal coating spraying machine capacity, working principle is very simple, is through the high pressure inside the paint atomization, passed to the through the hose nozzle, there are a lot of slim hole nozzle, when spraying room, can have the paint spraying to go above, there are many brothers when decorating the room, there will be such a problem, a lot of the corner of the painting is very difficult, want to work through the spraying machine it is generally to spoil, coating, spraying, so end usually takes a lot of money in the future.

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