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    What are the main influence factors on the quality of spraying equipment, spraying

    Time:2015-04-25 15:29:56  Source:  Author:

    Using plasma spraying equipment is more difficult than the ordinary gun spraying device: the more trouble is too much fault, and the coating quality is affected by many variables. The working characteristics of the plasma torch by the input power, gas flow rate, the type and stability as well as the influence of the geometry of the plasma jet. Therefore, most of the articles are of a single type of torch results are described, it is to make the variable is reduced to only the input power and the unit of time used by the two air supply volume.

    The plasma jet temperature depends on the center line, (except the input power) stable gas thermal properties, which mainly depends on its enthalpy. In section 2.2.9 of this problem are discussed in detail, at the same time also stressed the difference between the radial temperature distribution of different gases. The heat enthalpy or gas content is more important than the average temperature of the plasma, the plasma powder material input, the amount of heat transfer rate is determined for a single particle powder. Minimum axial plasma temperature must be much higher than most of the coating material melting point. In a given volume flow and efficiency (efficiency of the electrical energy into heat energy in a given device) conditions, can be very good to the accuracy of the gas enthalpy.

    However, in the equal power and equal volume of gas flow (and therefore equal enthalpy of plasma), its speed (velocity) will depend on the diameter of the nozzle, if we consider the influence of the best parameters of nozzle on the essence of technology from other design details (diameter and location, powder supply holes for powder form), as well as affected by material properties (such as powder quality and the type of substrate) influence, the difficulties and becomes very obvious, therefore, the experience of operation of the spray gun type, before spraying equipment of different types of the application, need to have a certain room.

    For the high quality coating, powder supply is very important, whether it is the pressure sprayer, or vibration powder supply device, are not able to absolutely uniform velocity (to obtain uniform coating is required) the powder into the plasma. 用象旋转刮板或蜗杆式供粉器一类的机械装置已得到了最好的结果.在稳定气量和载运气量之间必须维持一合适的比例.运载气量应尽可能的低,以免等离子体的过 度冷却.有些供粉器用大流量运载气工作得十分满意,而在较低的流量时,它们却完全不可靠.涂层质量实质上受粉末质量的影响,这是普通常识问题;尽管如此, 至今对这个问题还未曾进行充分的研究,大多数作者采用商用材料,而且只是注意颗拉尺寸及其在单位容积中的分布,对于给定的喷涂距离来说,对其最佳的颗粒尺 寸已进行了较彻底的研究.当等离子喷枪的热输出功率增加时,其喷涂距离必须拉长,以免基体材料的过热,一旦金属熔滴离开等离子体的热区,小液A就凝固得非 常快;因此小液滴飞行路程必然比大液摘要短些,容许的最大颗拉尺寸取决于材料的种类,必须对供给各个颗拉使其温度达到熔点的 Heat and. Melting latent heat. In addition, because of the heat from 0 surface need time to its core, so the particles in the plasma in the leisure stay must be lengthened. Thus, the thermal conductivity of the material has great influence on the maximum grain size. Ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity. The spraying of magnesium oxide and silicon oxide, the results are not satisfied due to the temperature range is between melting point and boiling point of these materials are narrow and low thermal conductivity of the particle surface temperature reaches the boiling point, at the same time, because of their evaporation, lose a lot of heat. Results top school in plasma residence time in the central heating and melting.

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