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      Insulation anti-crack mortar
    Product Name:Insulation anti-crack mortar [Insulation anti-crack mortar]

    Product No:91844-719
    Was Price:1400Dollar/Tons Now Price:0Dollar/Tons
    Last update:2014.03.31
    Manufacturer:Colorful Shell Hong Kong Co.,Ltd

    Product details

    Special cracking mortar wall insulation


    Dedicated to the external wall insulation system of high-strength flexible polymer mortar dry mix.


    1 firmness and flexibility, not only has good adhesive strength, but also super flexible performance.

    2-way adjustment, both good hydrophobicity, has a certain permeability.

    3 protective effect of good, the mortar composite alkali, after combining fiberglass mesh or hot dip galvanized steel, to constitute a reliable insulation layer to enhance the protection layer.

    4 easy to operate, the scene just add water. Workability, and opening hours can be steamed bread is good.


    1 First, grassroots ≥2mm slab insulation polystyrene sheet stuffed with strict insulation layer with a special tool parts polished convex, concave portion of their mortar with particles of polystyrene insulation.

    2 gray material; water = 1: 0.2-0.25, stirring with a stirrer uniform standing again for 5-10 minutes can be used.

    3 trowel wipe every time a thickness not exceeding 1.5mm, ≥10 hour intervals.

    4 stored in shade, dry place, shelf life of six months, the product can press the "non-dangerous goods rules" transport and storage.

    [Executive standard] JG / 149-2003

    [Standard] DBJ / T01-38-2002

    【Package】 20kg / bag

    [Theoretical amount] fiberglass mesh system 1.3kg / square galvanized mesh system 2.2kg / square paint finishes 1.1kg / square

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