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      Exterior wall dedicated bonding mortar
    Product Name:Exterior wall dedicated bonding mortar [Exterior wall dedicated bonding mortar]

    Product No:92040-795
    Was Price:1300Dollar/Tons Now Price:0Dollar/Tons
    Last update:2014.03.31
    Manufacturer:Colorful Shell Hong Kong Co.,Ltd

    Product details

    Special adhesive mortar wall insulation


    Mortar exterior insulation system is a polymer reinforced cement-based pre-formulated flexible adhesive mortar dry mix. It is based on cement, quartz sand, imported from Germany polymeric adhesive material with a variety of additives are mixed together mixer, and incorporation compared to traditional construction adhesive mortar has excellent flexibility and adhesion properties, and good sag resistance, water retention, water resistance and easy operability, and enhance the bond strength between the substrate and the EPS insulation board, and enhance the tensile strength to prevent the hollowing. Direct water, construction, easy to operate, high efficiency. Non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, not to hurt the body, excluding volatile solvents, is a green product.

    Product use

    Suitable for exterior insulation system and interior and exterior insulation system on EPS polystyrene insulation board, XPS extruded polystyrene board, GRC panels, ceramic plates and cement board and concrete, brick block and aerated blocks and other groups material bonding. Shrinkage is also suitable for larger insulation wall Tile relatively smooth surface and a thin paste


     Paste type of marble, gypsum board and other materials.

    [Construction Methods]

    Specifically refer to "exterior insulation and construction technical regulations."

    [Primary requirements]

    Smooth, firm, clean and dry. For new construction, concrete walls and release agent residue conservation Jing must be clean, wall flatness of the poor should tick chisel or repair loose at the surface must be removed, a new grassroots want to plaster over the hardened dry before construction.

    [Material preparation]

    Insulation adhesive mortar: water = 1: 0.4 (weight ratio) and water (this is the reference scale) using an electric mixer, stir and let stand for 5-10 minutes, stir again to use, mixing a good mortar preferably within two hours run out, is strictly prohibited secondary mixing mortar solidified and then put into use. Paste extruded polystyrene board or board to take point box paste method, paste area not <30%, as the outer wall tiles, paste area not <50%. Article stick method: first with the stirred toothed trowel mortar exterior insulation systems adhesive evenly in extruded polystyrene board, or the board, and then use toothed trowel on adhesive mortar strip tease out the above pattern, the insulation board pasted on the wall, gently pressing evenly so firmly bonded board, at any time with a 2m by foot inspection flatness and squareness. Note remove spilled mortar board edge when the sticky board, so no gray between the board and the board meet. Point box method: Stir well with a plaster knife mortar exterior insulation system insulation adhesive evenly on the edge of the board to form a border, and then evenly distributed on the plate five points higher than the bond border, and finally by the above method to poly benzene plate or extruded sheet stuck to the wall with a flat rely on foot. When the design requirements fixed by mechanical riveting firmware or extruded polystyrene board panels, riveting firmware installed using adhesive mortar should be a minimum of three days in the future.

    [Reference amount]

     Paste extruded polystyrene board or board amount of about 3kg / square, Tile amount of about 5kg / sq.

    [Packing & Storage]

    Products should be stored in shade, dry, ventilated place, avoid moisture. Unopened material storage period of 6 months;


    Construction of the temperature is greater than the above 5 ℃. Adding sand without permission is strictly prohibited, cement and other additives. O ℃ below should be used antifreeze (in order to ensure stability of the entire system, not recommended for winter construction). Good mixing mortar should be used within 2 hours, solidified and then allowed to hardened mortar. Transportation to proof sunscreen.

    【Package】 20kg / bag

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