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      Exterior wall soft putty
    Product Name:Exterior wall soft putty [Exterior wall soft putty]

    Product No:111930-949
    Was Price:3200Dollar/Tons Now Price:0Dollar/Tons
    Last update:2014.03.30
    Manufacturer:Colorful Shell Hong Kong Co.,Ltd

    Product details  

    External flexible putty


     External wall insulation system suitable for paint finishes.


    1 excellent crack resistance, with strong flexibility can be tiny cracks in the exterior wall insulation cushion, making it difficult to crack the coating surface.

    2 good weather resistance, in the sun, freezing conditions to maintain stable performance.

    3 can inhibit primary efflorescence, isolation alkaline plaster grassroots and surface coatings to prevent discoloration or paint damage.

    4 has a good sag resistance, so the paint coloring easy, uniform color distribution. ,

    5 excellent adhesion properties, good parents together, not only with the grass roots firmly bonded, but also to ensure the paint is easy to adhere firmly bonded.


    After stirring square 0.3-0.5 weight ratio again, the first water into the barrel, and then add the powder, then stir into a uniform paste with an electric mixer and let stand for 10-15 minutes: 1 Press powder: water = 1 be used.

    2 primary treatment before scraping shall grant a clean, remove surface oil, loose material, floating ash.

    3 Construction of the temperature of 5 degrees or more, when the temperature is above 30 degrees, on the wall cooling treatment to avoid wiping the surface rough.

    4. is dry 2 hours at room temperature, about 36 hours of hard work.

    5 This product is fastened after sealing, does not affect the next use.

    6 Store in a cool dry place.

    7 shelf life of 12 months.

    [Theoretical amount] 0.5-0.8 kg / sq.

    [Executive standard] JG / T157-2009

    [Standard] GB18581-2009

    [Weight] 20kg / bag

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