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      Fluorocarbon primer putty / True stone anti-craxking putty
    Product Name:Fluorocarbon primer putty / True stone anti-craxking putty [Fluorocarbon primer putty / True stone anti-craxking putty]

    Product No:92231-695
    Was Price:2200Dollar/Tons Now Price:0Dollar/Tons
    Last update:2014.03.31
    Manufacturer:Colorful Shell Hong Kong Co.,Ltd

    Product details

    Fluorocarbon special primer putty

    Construction requirements:

     Wall should be solid, clean, no oil, floating dust, loose powder layer. If loose powder layer should be cleaned, repaired.

    Underlying the construction process:

    1, putty mixing tools, utensils shall be clean and free of debris.

    2, the end of the fluorocarbon putty with water in proportion (1: 0.45) weight ratio, soak 5--6 minutes, stirring 4-5 minutes with an electric tool, you can use (water and putty still 2 - 3 minutes the ratio of reference scale). Concrete can be combined with the actual situation of the whole tune, putty after deployment should be uniform, no particles.

    3, the end of the deployment of good suggestions putty scraper blade coating with aluminum. Scratch dry after the first pass, only scratch the second time, after the end of the bottom should be flat blade coating, aluminum tools can be used to test the flatness, uneven areas should be patched, polished.

    Surface layer of the construction process:

    (1), face putty and water by (1: 0.35 Weight ratio) soak 4--5 minutes to prepare with power tools 4--5 minutes, still three minutes. Remember tool can clean impurities, so as not to affect the delicate sub-flatness of the surface layer. The flatness of the surface layer directly determines the aesthetic effect of the external coating.

    (2), the deployment of good steel scraper putty received light to do with the flat, Scraping two times, after the first pass before drying sturdy batch scraped again.

    Construction process:

    1, cutting dividing joint

    2, thick putty (again)

    3, hanging fiberglass mesh

    4, thick putty (again)

    5, delicate child (two times)

    6, alkali sealer (again)

    7, polished high elastic putty (again)

    8, primer (two times)

    9, paint (two times)

    10, varnish (again) (excluding non-metallic paint)


    1, the putty can not add other ingredients, simply add clean water, remember not to mix with other products so as not to affect the quality.

    2, the deployment of putty should be exhausted, can not be stored, hardened putty is no longer available.

    3, putty stored dry and ventilated place, avoid moisture.

    Packing: 20kg / bag (powdered), the goods transport by "non-dangerous goods rules" apply.


    Store in a cool dry place, unopened product can be stored for one year.

    Standard: JG / T157-2009

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